The “Temple Of Doom” For Relationships On “Vagrant Queen”

temple of doom

Oh, how a week can change things. Last week, I was feeling a little underwhelmed with all the team-building that “Vagrant Queen” was spending time doing. “In a Sticky Spot” left our main characters no further along than the week before, or so it seemed. It’s what we didn’t see that makes the difference in “Temple of Doom.”

Betrayal After Betrayal

But the revelations also take away most, if not all, the potential rewards of the season. Spoilers will follow, you know what to do. Elida (Adriyan Rae) retrieves the great crystal of all power (Ok, I admit, I’ve forgotten what they called it, and I can’t find the name online. It can’t be that powerful a crystal then, eh?). Along the way, she gets betrayed by everyone she knows. Hath (Colin Moss) has been lying that her mother survived so that she will get this crystal and bring the empire back to power. Issac (Tim Rozon) cuts a deal with Lazaro (Paul du Toit) that will get him back to Earth, but costs Elida the PowerBall and any hope of finding her mother. Who was dead in the first place—what a mess.

The Trusty Sidekick Zone

The only person who has always been by Elida’s side is Amae (Alex McGregor). The show is treating their relationship with kid gloves, though. Let’s face it; this isn’t a will they or won’t they situation. At this point, it’s more of a question of why haven’t they already? As I mentioned before, the handling of this relationship is feeling like something out of 90’s TV. It’s very out of place in 2020.

Temple Of Doom

I understand now the point of the team-building exercises was to make Issac’s betrayal cut that much more. The show seems to function on the three of them being a team, though. Even the promise of getting back to Earth and his family doesn’t feel like enough to break his bonds with Elida. Especially considering he didn’t know that her mother wasn’t alive. The point here is a little murky still and manages to feel like it can flip back into good. The question becomes, why have him betray Elida in the first place? It leaves the viewer wondering if they missed some clue that was never there.

All Hail The Great Plot Device

That leaves us with the Great and Powerful Oz ball (Ok, I am sorry I can’t remember what they called it, but the silly names are fun, right?) I think we can all see what Lazaro has planned with it. He certainly wasn’t getting to the top on his own, was he? It’s just that it also seems kind of easy for Elida to get it back. After all, you needed royal blood to locate the thing. Unless he is from the lineage Elida’s ancestors overthrew, it doesn’t seem like a lot can happen here. Maybe some carnage before she shows up to reclaim what is hers, but otherwise?

A Serious Lack Of Motivation

Therein lies the problem of “Temple of Doom.” There is no clear motivation for the characters to go forward. If Elida doesn’t care about the empire she left behind, she doesn’t have the drive to get the powerful thing back from Lazaro. And since Lazaro has it, he no longer needs to continue hunting Elida (except out of spite, but that isn’t going to make for exciting viewing.) Issac supposedly has his way home. I’m sure we’ll see some betrayal of that, but will it matter to the show? Next week has a lot to do to ease my doubts as a viewer.

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