The BBC Has Added Doctor Who To Its Christmas lineup

Doctor Who Series 12 Trailer

The trailer for the upcoming series 12 of ‘Doctor Who’ was a pleasant enough surprise this past weekend (you can see the teaser for that premiere here.) Now the BBC has even more good news for fans of the show. The BBC has added ‘Doctor Who’ to its Christmas lineup! Not only that, but there are some ‘Doctor Who’ related shows also launching during the festive season.

First off, let’s talk just a bit about ‘Doctor Who.’ Fans of the show were pretty disappointed to learn after the close of the 11th season that the program wouldn’t be making a return until early 2020. The good news is that early 2020 isn’t that far away anymore. The bad news is that it sounds as though the Christmas Day tradition of a ‘Doctor Who’ episode, also skipped last year, will be passed over again. Also mirroring the previous year will be a New Years Day premiere for the show. Maybe, if we are fortunate since New Years Day falls on a Wednesday, we’ll get an additional episode the weekend after.

Claes Bangs as Dracula

Steven Moffat will also make his return to television during the Christmas season on BBC One. His adaptation of ‘Dracula’ will premiere. Co-written with his ‘Sherlock’ partner Mark Gattis (also no stranger to ‘Doctor Who’), this new take on the classic story will be told over three feature-length episodes. Claes Bangs takes on the lead role.

The new Worzel Gummidge

Also premiering in the holiday season is an update on ‘Worzel Gummidge.’ The original series ran from 1979-1981 and starred third Doctor Jon Pertwee in the title role. Mackenzie Crook takes on the lead in this new version of the show. Is it just me, or does this new version of the character look just a bit more sinister? The BBC has yet to release the exact schedule for the Christmas / New Year period, but that you can expect that in early December. At least now we know, The BBC has added Doctor Who to its Christmas lineup and all is right with the world again.

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