The Hope That Is You – Star Trek Discovery Review

the hope that is you

The end of season two of “Star Trek: Discovery” promised many changes, and “The Hope That Is You, Part One” certainly delivers. I, for one, enjoyed the fact that the show was taking place during the known canon. I liked the writer’s challenge of not contradicting what has happened while still presenting something new and exciting. If the show got it wrong every so often, well, it’s science fiction. That, and I don’t have a youtube channel monetizing my need to whine about it.

The Hope That Is You: Sonequa Martin-Green

So it’s off to the 32nd century we go, and it seems the show has left behind a lot of its hesitations. We see this in a showcasing of Sonequa Martin-Green. Completely removed from her comfort zone, we watch as she runs through a maze of emotions. Some silly, thanks to a drug administered to get her to tell the truth, but it’s still something of a revelation. With everything going on these last couple of seasons, it feels like we haven’t spent much time with Michael Burnham. We’ve seen her react to what is going on, but we haven’t spent time with her. Without her Discovery crewmates around, she has the time to lean into how she is feeling about her situation.

The Hope That Is You: David Ajala

And what a situation she finds herself in. Crashlanding on an unknown planet, forced to rely on total strangers for help. The help she finds is Cleveland “Book” Booker, a courier who isn’t at all what he seems. He eventually betrays her when trying to sell some of her “antiques” (IE: her tricorder, her phaser, and her badge.) Book isn’t what he seems, though, and we find that he is trying to protect precious cargo, and Michael is getting in the way. It’s when they finally team-up that we find they have more in common than they think.

The Hope That Is You: Adil Hussain

The overriding message of this episode is hope in a dismal future. The future isn’t as bad as the possible one Discovery prevented, but it’s still not the bright promise of Starfleet anymore. Considering the world right now, it’s not too difficult to connect to the idea. The message that hanging on to hope against all odds is important got through on many levels. We can only hope that there are lots of Aditya Sahils out there still.

Where is Discovery?

And then we have the big mystery of this season: the burn. Before Michael’s arrival in the 32nd century, something happened that caused dilithium to go ‘boom.’ With it went most of the Federation and Starfleet. Hence why we have Mr. Sahil maintaining a Federation outpost alone every day for 40 years. Hence why we have an Orion-Andorian alliance. To be sure, the universe is a different place, but we still haven’t seen Discovery and her spore drive. Likely there will be a fight to gain control of that. The Federation better prevail.

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