The Mandalorian Is Back

the mandalorian the marshal

I didn’t realize how much I’d missed “The Mandalorian” until the opening of “Chapter 9: The Marshal”. Maybe it’s felt a little more keenly since there is no new “Star Wars” movie on the horizon for the first time in a while. In the interest of not dragging in the whole internet “Star Wars” argument, let’s say I give the latest, now concluded trilogy of films a fair rating. Not good, not terrible, just ok. That made “The Mandalorian” a delight last season, and it looks to continue with season 2.

The Marshal

As with the previous season, this run of “The Mandalorian” doesn’t seem interested in giving away it’s secrets too quickly. We don’t learn anything new about Din Djarin or the Child, but that’s ok. Patience is a virtue well-rewarded by the show, as we learned last year. We spend a lot of time with the lost city of Mos Pelgo and it’s marshal, Cobb Vanth (Timothy Olyphant). Vanth has come to own a very familiar set of Mandalorian armor. Djarin, who came to Mos Pelgo searching for another Mandalorian warrior, wants to return the armor to its ancestral home. Thus the standoff begins.

Krayt Dragon

Before the first shot, the standoff is interrupted by the arrival of a krayt dragon. You know, the skeletons you see in the Tatooine desert in “Star Wars: Episode 4 – A New Hope“. Here brought to life and sure to bring to mind the sandworms from “Dune” or the beast from “Tremors.” Djarin agrees to help rid the village of the dragon if he can peacefully recover the armor Vanth has. Complicating that issue is that to do so, Djarin must also convince the Sand People to help. The people of Mos Pelago have been attacked numerous times by the Sand People, so you can see where this plan might have some issues.

The Pacing of The Mandalorian

Djarin and Vance eventually persuade the townspeople and the Sand People to work together. It’s after this that the episode trends into something we’ve seen before. Namely, last season in “Sanctuary.” However, it seems that the show’s producers and writers are taking a minute to re-layout the pacing of a “Mandalorian” episode. The story isn’t so important here, but understanding the structure is. Remember the frustration last season that the show wasn’t forthcoming with details? The producers here almost seem to be telling us not to expect different this year.

Boba Fett?

It’s the handling of the surprise bonus at the end that seemingly contradicts all of this. If you haven’t watched the episode yet, what comes next is all spoilers, so you read at your own risk. A lone man is following Djarin at the end of the episode. The actor is Temura Morrison, who appeared in the Prequel Trilogy as Jango Fett, template for the clone army and father (?) to Boba Fett. With the episode’s reveal of Boba Fett’s armor, it’s easy to deduce that Boba has returned. I wouldn’t be so confident as Jon Favreau isn’t one to undo canon easily, and in the canon world, Boba is dead. I’m leaving who we see at the end of the episode in the mystery category for now.