‘The Mandalorian – The Prisoner’ Review

Natalia Tena as Xi'an

‘The Prisoner’ continues a trend ‘The Mandalorian‘ has developed. All in all, it’s a good episode with plenty of ‘Star Wars’ easter eggs in it. It is also pretty self-contained, and that may not sit right with viewers. In the ‘Game of Thrones’ and ‘Lost’ era, where every episode had a bombshell, the self-contained nature of ‘The Mandalorian’ is frustrating. With only two episodes left in the season, it feels like we should know more about the main plot.

The Prisoner

The action centers around breaking an inmate off a New Republic prison vessel. Mando checks in with a character from his past named Ran (Mark Boone Jr.), who called him in because the mission needs Mando’s ship. Mando doesn’t like the arrangements but goes along anyway. So, of course, chaos ensues. The main interest of this story is the change we see in Mando. It sounds like he was pretty ruthless in his early days. Now with a child to watch after, he’s mellowing out quite a bit. Partner this with the other Mandalorians not liking his drawing attention to himself, and maybe we see his future.

The Crew

The team assembled though doesn’t hold together all that well. Mayfeld (Bill Burr) doesn’t have much of a plan and is surprised when the crew has success. It seems strange that Ran would have put him in charge. From the suggested history, it sounds as though Mando and Ran were reasonably successful at this kind of thing. Maybe Ran was trying to rid himself of Mayfeld? Putting him in charge of a mission doesn’t make sense otherwise.

Back To Where It Began

The rest of the team is made up of various stereotypes that barely need mention. While it is nice to see Twi’lek and Devaronian characters in live-action again, the characters we see are mostly forgettable. Because Mando leaves them alive, I expect we’ll see them again at some point, but hopefully not for a while. Instead, I’d like to see some of the main plot brought back to the forefront after watching ‘The Mandalorian – The Prisoner’. We still need a resolution as to why the Client is running midi-chlorian experiments. That can’t be an unimportant plot point, right?

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