“The Nexus Event” You’ve Been Waiting For Comes To “Loki”

“The Nexus Event” finally breaks “Loki” wide open, but not before a lot of crushing moments. Fortunately, the end will have even the most passing of Marvel fans cheering. The show has drawn a nice balance between character study and action. And it wouldn’t be Marvel if you didn’t get this at some point: stay tuned for the mid-credits scene.

Let’s start with Sylvie. Last week’s suspicion that the TVA might be responsible for her vague memories of her family was correct. The TVA took her at a very young age. From there, her history is a bit more sketchy, but she escaped the TVA, creating a nexus event. From a similarly young age, she learned to hide in cataclysmic events. The episode also confirms that Sylvie is a Loki who lived in Asgard. It’s not a complete information dump on her, but it tells us what we need to know.

The big ‘reveal’ of the episode was that it was Ravonna all along. Ok, that outcome seemed clear since the beginning, but it could have been a red herring as well. It does raise a lot of questions about the TVA, though. Just who are the Time Keepers, exactly? We know they aren’t the (I’m assuming deliberately) poorly done animatronics we saw this week but then who? Did the TVA at some point fall entirely apart, and Ravonna pieced it back together? Was that its own nexus event? It would seem from the episode that whoever is in charge has a tenuous grasp on the TVA agents, all former variants put to work for the agency.

Ravonna seems particularly worried about this, both when chatting with Mobius and taking the statements of the now ‘deceased’ C-20. Is that the worry of someone doing the bidding of their masters, or is that the worry of someone losing control of their plan? If this is sticking somewhat to the comic books, she’s worried she’ll disappoint Kang the Conqueror. The MCU isn’t shy about changing what it needs to from the comics, though, so until we see that play out, we don’t know.

The more we get to see Morbius and Loki as buddies, the more I wish the series had spent more time there. Their chemistry works well on screen, and I still hope we get to see Loki and Morbius jet-skiing at some point. That makes what happens next hard to watch. Ravonna ‘prunes’ Morbius as Loki watches. Of course, with the mid-credits seen in mind, I wonder if that means he is dead or not, but the heartbreak that passes over Loki’s face is crushing. That can be the problem with a highly limited-run series (there are only two episodes left!); you don’t get the time you’d like with your characters. Owen Wilson and Tom Hiddleston do a lot of groundwork with the short amount of time available to get you to buy the friendship. Setting Lady Siv loose on a defenseless Loki though? That’s just cold.

Thanks to the sacrifice of B-15 (Wunmi Mosaku) and her discovery that she was ‘happy once’ (another absolute heartbreak packed into seconds of airtime. Bravo to the writers,) we can finally be rid of the charade of the TVA. Where does it all go next? Well, we have more Loki variants to play with, including the Old Loki himself, Richard E. Grant, and who knows what trouble they’ll cause. It does hopefully confirm that pruning doesn’t equal death, so the series could still end on a jetski.