“The Mandalorian – The Passenger” Review

The passenger

The Mandalorian” has always shown it’s love of the original “Star Wars” Trilogy. That love is clearly on display in “The Passenger.” As with the first season, these new chapters are taking their time unveiling their story, though. At times you’ll wish the show would get to it. Hopefully, the producers will reward your patience as they did last year.

The Passenger

The overall plot of “The Passenger” is simple: Take Frog Lady and her eggs where they want to go. There are complications along the way, such as crash landing on an ice planet (could it have been Hoth?) and creepy spiders that threaten to overwhelm our heroes. Not to mention the child making a snack of Frog Lady’s offspring. Throw in a couple of New Republic X-Wings for fun, and you have a story. Just not a very engaging one.

Terrifying Teeth

The biggest problem I had with “The Passenger” is that it was another ‘terrifying toothy creature’ episode. I understand that not every episode of this show is going to be essential to the overall plot. This episode, in particular though, felt unneeded. Maybe because the ‘survive the monster’ theme didn’t hold up very well in either episode so far. In looking back at my reviews of the first two episodes last year, the complaints were similar.

Somewhere To Go

It would be nice to see “The Mandalorian” lean into its own lore, rather than having to pay fanboy respect to the bigger “Star Wars” universe. That can be challenging, though, as you bring in new directors and new writers. Everyone is going to want to have a go at their favorite movies. I know if given a chance to work on the show, I’d like to direct a Jawa or tell the tale of a bounty-hunting Ewok. At times the show spends too much time reminding us that it is “Star Wars.” We already know that; it’s why we are watching. Now it’s time to accept its place in the universe and start building.