“The Vagrant Queen” Weaves A Lot Together While Still Feeling New

The Vagrant Queen

Go into “The Vagrant Queen” without much in the way of expectation. I hadn’t read, much less heard of, the comic series before stumbling across the premiere on SyFy. That network has been responsible for some of the best and worst science fiction television over the years. That means I’m likely to give anything they put out a try. While it is hard to judge a series by its premiere episode, “The Vagrant Queen” falls somewhere in the middle of the SyFy scale.

This Has All Happened Before

I don’t want to say the series borrows a lot of its ideas from other sci-fi properties, but it feels like it does. In a way, all sci-fi properties do steal this element or that, so singling “The Vagrant Queen” out for it feels wrong. It just borrows from so many that it’s hard not to make a list. Badass orphaned princess? I see you, “Star Wars.” Misfit team of heroes coming together despite being at odds? Oh, there you are, “Guardians of the Galaxy.” You catch my drift. Still, all of the things I am comparing “The Vagrant Queen” to have roots to be found in some other source.

The ’80s, Dude

The show does suffer its budget somewhat. It would be hard not too when the average viewer is spoiled by what Disney can do with its genre films. The choice in soundtrack might help the scenery have a purpose, though. The music gets its inspiration from the ’80s. Try comparing this show to a similar program produced in the ’80s. “The Vagrant Queen” has dazzling special effects in that light. I’m not sure if that is what the producers were going for, but it works weirdly, much like the show itself.

“The Vagrant Queen”

“The Vagrant Queen” holds another distinction that few television shows have. The show is based on the 2018 comic book series written by Magdalene Visaggio. Its showrunner is also a woman, Gem Garrard. And to make things more interesting, the show has a black female lead in Adriyan Rae as Elida. So much of genre television can feel the same because it comes from the limited white male viewpoint. These facts alone are interesting enough to keep me vested in the show for now. Episodes air Fridays on SyFy, new reviews will appear on Impending Fascination shortly after.

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