“WandaVision Episode 2” – Who Is Doing This To Us?

“Wanda, who’s doing this to you?” It’s the question we all have so far. “WandaVision” has done an exciting job in its first two episodes of mixing the mystery with the almost insane. “WandaVision Episode 2” has references that are likely to go unnoticed if you haven’t watched everything Marvel (like me), but the show doesn’t want to lose the newly initiated either. All things seem to point to the Marvel Universe’s soft reboot, and what better time for newcomers?

Little Clues Everywhere?

The color bits in the black and white world were clues, but referring to what? In this episode, the toy helicopter makes itself a bit more obvious, but there is also the blink-and-you’ll-miss-it red light on the Stark Industries toaster commercial in the first episode. What do they mean? Is it similar to “The Sixth Sense,” where red meant you were dealing with a dead person? That’s possible since, in the Marvel Universe, we know Vision is gone. I’m sure there are other in-universe clues I’m missing that would make this make more sense.

WandaVision Shed A Light!

At the end (and elsewhere), the question asked sheds just the tiniest bit of light on what is going on. “WandaVision” isn’t just a sitcom experiment from Marvel. Something more is going on with Wanda. Someone is trying to get through to her. It isn’t just post-traumatic stress that has her imagining the perfect life with Vision. The question is, how much of what we’ve seen comes into play? Don’t forget there are two apparent time-jumps just in this episode. Episode one appears to be in the ’50s; this episode starts in what seems to be the early ’60s before moving to the later part of the decade to finish. The trailers seem to indicate we’ll be moving to other decades as well. Then, there is the appearance of “Geraldine,” AKA Monica Rambeau, last seen in Captain Marvel. And what about the mention of children leading to a pregnancy? Who is the bee guy? Many questions for super fans and the uninitiated, but so far as yet, not a lot of answers.

Groovy Man

“WandaVision,” so far, has been a fun trip through the outskirts of the Marvel Universe. It will be interesting to see if the writers can tell the story without the viewers needing an encyclopedia of what came before. By my guess, we’re off to the ’70s next week, and Marvel does love it’s groovy. And Hydra in the ’70s? If the commercial from this episode is a clue, hmmm.

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