WandaVision Episode 3 – Now In Color But Still Cloudy

WandaVision Episode 3″ continues to ask the question of “What is going on here?” The only problem is that no one seems to know exactly, or if they do, they are afraid to talk about it. Something, as Vision notices, isn’t quite right with Westview. Is it what Wanda wants, though? If it isn’t, who is creating the fictional world in which the characters live?


“WandaVision Episode 3” deals with the results of the sudden pregnancy from the last episode. Pregnancies on the actual shows of the mid to late ’60s were always a source of hijinks, and “WandaVision” plays quite a bit on that. Labor pains that cause the electricity to go out, water breaking that floods the houses in town…hilarious stuff. But Marvel fans will care about the result. Wanda and Vision are the proud parents of Tommy and Billy by the episode’s end. And in true Marvel fan fashion, people are immediately starting to wonder who Billy and Tommy are.

Who Knows WandaVision?

Of course, there is that whole other subplot we’re dealing with in Westview. You know, the one where this may be all just an imagined world? “WandaVision Episode 3,” without giving it all away, gives us some further insight into that. The characters Wanda and Vision interact with are at least somewhat aware of their situation. The difference between Agnes and Geraldine, for example. Are the neighbors all working against Wanda? They seem to realize that Geraldine is not from around these parts and might mean them harm. And yes, I know I can read every theory about who Agnes might be, but it’s nice to have the mystery play itself out since I can.

Now In Color! And Contrast!

This semi-awareness comes into sharp contrast twice in “WandaVison, Episode 3.” First, Wanda tells Geraldine about. I’m still not sure how much Geraldine, aka Monica Rambeau, was aware of in Westview. At times she seemed oblivious, and others seemed like Geraldine was all an act designed to get Monica closer to Wanda. As soon as Wanda becomes aware of what Geraldine knows, Wanda quickly removes her from the ‘perfect world’ Wanda has created. But where does Geraldine/Monica end up, and are those forces of good or evil waiting for her?

Vision of Wanda

The second compelling instance is Vision’s increasing awareness that something is wrong with Westview. He can see it in his neighbor’s action, trimming a hedge on down through a concrete fence is, well, a little unusual. That same neighbor and Agnes later suggest that Geraldine isn’t part of the neighborhood and that she came from nowhere. Before Vision can act on his suspicions, Wanda backs up time and makes him forget. But how long can she keep him in the dark? And if he remembers, does he die?

Something For Everyone In WandaVision

Let’s not even start on the in-show commercials. They’ve mentioned Hydra twice and had references to Stark Industries. There might be some more in-depth Marvel references going on here, but they will fly right over the heads of the average viewer. So far as yet, “WandaVision” isn’t asking its audience to know every little thing about the universe in which it lives. Hopefully, that is something the show can keep up. While there need to be the fanboy reaction moments, it would be nice if the plebes can enjoy it too.

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