WandaVision Episode 4 Is Everything You Need To Know

At the start of “WandaVision,” I was concerned that you would need to know a lot about the Marvel Universe to follow along each week. Now, with WandaVision Episode 4, I wish we could binge the show and uncover all of its mysteries. I need to go back and start over with the Marvel movies because the little a-ha moments are immensely satisfying. I guess I have my viewing cut out for me.

WandaVision Episode 4 Is A Snap

“WandaVision Episode 4” is the fill-in on what’s been going on in the real world while Wanda and Vision play in their sitcom world. The recap doesn’t spare any detail either. We find Monica Rambeau sitting in a hospital room, just coming back from Thanos’ snap. She returns to find that her mother, who had only found out she’d beaten an initial bout with cancer, has died in the time that Monica didn’t exist. This information helps to establish a timeline for the show. We’re just after the events of “Avengers: Endgame.” It also helps to establish a few other things, but I’m getting there.

WandaVision Is A Blip

Monica returns to SWORD headquarters to start her life over, which must be hard to do when you hadn’t realized it had ended. One of the first things she notices is that the agency has added sentient weapons to its mission statement. Is it just me seeing a possible way to bring Vision back through this updated cause? Don’t go too crazy in your responses if I’m way off base there. Remember, I’m still kind of new here. The acting SWORD director (you know, the guy who replaced her mother after her mother’s death) informs Monica that she’s grounded. It doesn’t seem fair, but also, can you trust someone who returned from ‘the blip?’ She goes to investigate a missing-persons report in, you guessed it, Westview, New Jersey.

WandaVision Is Missing

The thing is, we never find out who she is seeking. We learn that a few of the townsfolk are also missing people, but Monica is not after them. We also don’t discover any real-world identities for Agnes or Herb. After last week, you might wonder what is up with them as well. More importantly, we never find out if Wanda is doing this all herself, as Monica says, or another factor is at play. I’m leaning toward the latter. Not because I don’t trust Monica, but because it doesn’t seem like the ultimate solution to everything can be that easy.

WandaVision Episode 4 Is Everything

“WandaVision Episode 4” exhibits one of my favorite sci-fi storytelling devices well. It picks a moment from a previous episode and replays it from a different perspective. Being a Marvel project, it also backloads that moment with a ton of extra material and throws in a couple of flashback characters (hello Kat Dennings and Randall Park.) If done well, you’ll keep coming back for more each week and never feel like you got enough. I’m just finishing this episode and already wanting the next.

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