“WandaVision” Episode One Reveals Nothing Is As Is Seems

We didn’t have any idea what to expect from “WandaVision,” Marvel’s first foray into live-action television. I can confirm after watching episode one that I’m not sure what I observed. “WandaVision” is a departure from the typical Marvel project. Perhaps that is why I am so giddy about watching what amounts to an episode of an old sitcom.

Do You Marvel?

I’m not sure how people who aren’t familiar with the Marvel universe can step in to this show. Wanda Maximoff and Vision aren’t exactly front and center characters on the big screen just yet. Calm down, nerds; I’m not saying they aren’t important. It’s just that people will know more about Iron Man and Captain America than these two characters. Episode one leads in without dropping anything. No backstory, no idea how the characters got here, nothing. Marvel does love its reveals, though, and I’m sure things will become more apparent as we go.

Have We Seen This Before?

Full disclosure, and if you’ve been following Impending Fascination for a while, you might know this. While I have seen some of the Marvel movies and have a passing familiarity with the overall plot, I don’t exactly keep up. It’s been a few years since I’ve seen one, something which I intend to correct with Disney+. I haven’t yet, though, so I know almost nothing about this series’s lead characters. Episode one is a charming nod to the sitcoms of the ’50s and ’60s, but not much more.

Wanda Vision?

Thankfully, Marvel doesn’t hide the show’s path from strangers. In the final minutes of the episode, the premise of the series becomes a little more visible. Wanda and Vision can’t seem to recall much of anything – how they got together, when or if they got married, even how they came to be where they are. My knowledge of the Marvel universe aside, I don’t want to spoiler things for people in the same category as me. I looked it up, so can you. Armed with that knowledge, “WandaVision” is not as it seems. That’s good because a kooky ’50s rom-com doesn’t seem like a Marvel fan’s dream.


Then, the final scene reveals that someone in-universe is watching “WandaVision.” That raises a few questions about what is going on while clarifying that nothing is as it seems. Not bad for less than 30 seconds of screentime. Hopefully, there will be a few more hooks for outsiders as we advance, but “WandaVision” is intriguing enough that I’ll keep going.

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