WandaVision finds some unexpected Family Ties

The world of “WandaVision” is beginning to unravel in “On A Very Special Episode” where “WandaVision” meets “Family Ties.” WandaVision has used the worlds of sitcoms past to maintain the illusion that life is perfect. Moving to a version of “Family Ties” is a wise choice for the surroundings. Wanda has an increasingly difficult time keeping it all together. Vision is aware that something is going on. Things are getting sticky.

Without Us

Picking “Family Ties” as the inspiration for the episode makes a lot of sense if you are familiar with the show. It was a show that depicted both the comedic elements of family life and some severe issues. Wanda and Vision make a charming couple, but some significant problems are going on in their lives; namely, he’s supposed to be dead. He doesn’t know that just yet, but it’s bound to come out sooner than later.


Vision’s awareness isn’t the only problem, though. We learned that most of the people in Wanda’s recreation aren’t there by choice. That doesn’t explain everything, though. It would seem that Wanda created the twins. If she can create a new life, will she restore Vision to the land of the living permanently? And just who is Agnes? I was hoping this episode would give us more about her. She comes along at just the right moment with just the right thing. Which begs the question, how is having the kids puppy die the right thing at the right time? The Marvel universe does everything for a reason. Wanda tells them that there are rules and that we can’t just bring back the dead. Is she starting to learn that lesson?

WandaVision Meets Family Ties

It also wouldn’t be the Marvel Universe if there weren’t a colossal wrench tossed in for good reasons to be revealed later. So Pietro is back in Wanda’s life at the end of the episode. Only it’s not the Aaron Taylor-Johnson version she knows. It’s the Peter Maximoff as played by Evan Peters version from the “X-Men” movies. Can of worms fully opened. Next week’s homage to something from the 90s better be to “Friends” so we can have a Chandler Bing character asking, “Could there be any more questions?”

Update: Yes, this review is LATE, so some of the answers have been revealed.

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