Where Does The End Of Discovery Season 2 Leave Show?

Executive producer and showrunner Alex Kurtzman recently confirmed that ‘Discovery’ was going 950 years into the future and not coming back.  So what does this mean for the show?  We know a little bit for the Short Treks episode ‘Calypso’.  There we see a human male and hear about how he’s been a soldier in a battle against the V’draysh.  Michael Chabon, the writer of the episode, has confirmed that the V’draysh is the future version of the Federation.  The Discovery crew has abandoned the ship for reasons unknown, but not without first installing a sophisticated AI.  So let’s take a deeper look at what we know and how that might affect what is to come.

The first question is the positioning of Discovery in the future.  In ‘Calypso’, the ship’s AI, named Zora, informs Craft after she rescues him that she’s been abandoned for almost 1000 years.  That doesn’t quite line up with ‘Parting Is Such Sweet Sorrow pt 2′, as Discovery is already heading that far in the future.  Will the crew have to take her back to the past and get yanked back to the future without the ship?  We did see that time is pretty insistent when Michael’s mother was pulled independently of her time suit.  And why is Discovery abandoned for that long?  Surely another vessel would have come across her at some point unless that is the reason for Zora in the first place?  Perhaps she is responsible for hiding the ship until the crew can retrieve her in the future?  

Let’s also talk for a moment about who travels into the future.  The presence of Philipa Georgiou is a bit contradictory to what we’ve been told – that we’ll see her star in her own show at some point, and that show was to be about the formation of the Section 31 we know from ‘Deep Space Nine’.  Not the glamorous 31 operating in plain daylight, but a 31 that is not generally known to most citizens of the Federation.  How is she going to do this from the future?  I have a feeling we aren’t quite done with time traveling just yet, but Georgiou’s presence in the future makes some sense if she is acting as an agent of the organization still. The V’Draysh sound like an enemy right up Section 31′s alley.

I hope this doesn’t mean that we are done with the story of those left behind either.  Chief among them is Ash Tyler.  His throughline feels completed, and yet I still would like to see more of this character.  Obviously being named the new head of Section 31 leaves at least an opening to bring him back in Georgiou’s show, but any future interaction with Burnham seems doubtful at this point.  I guess sometimes a tragic character just stays tragic, but I would have liked to see a happier resolution for this character.

Of course, there is another way that we’ll get to see more of all of the characters left in the past.  The producers went to a lot of budgetary expense to bring us on board the Enterprise.  Though nothing has been announced yet, it doesn’t really seem like they would have done that without intending to use the sets again.  It also doesn’t seem like you’d nab someone like Rebecca Romijn to play Number One, and then barely use her in ‘Discovery’.  The further adventures of Pike and Spock seem almost a given at this point, and why not?  It’s not as though there aren’t plenty of stories to tell in that area and since we’d be dealing with characters already established, the worry of canon does diminish somewhat.  Let’s hope that we get some announcement on this spin-off soon.  

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