“Yippee Ki Yay! Vagrant Queen” Review

yippee ki yay

In case you hadn’t noticed, “Vagrant Queen” really likes it’s 80’s references. The “Die Hard” reference this week being the most obvious. Other callbacks appear throughout the show. Your appreciation of them will vary with your relation to them. You’ll either be “Yippee Ki Yay!” or you’ll tune that part of the show out.


Fortunately, that isn’t all “Vagrant Queen” has to offer. “Yippee Ki Yay!” gives us a pretty big info dump on what happened between Elida (Adriyan Rae) and Issac (Tim Rozon) in the past. The falling-out happens over Issac’s use of Elida’s royal history to turn a profit, but the fallout happens a bit quickly. It does illustrate that Elida is keen to run from problems, though, which will probably come up again later.

Yippee Ki Yay!

It’s Amae (Alex McGregor) who gets to shine this week, even if she still is a bit underused. We don’t know a lot about the character, but she’s managed to save our heroes time after time. She’s even able to win at karaoke to Starship’s “Nothings Going To Stop Us Now,” quite the feat considering how old the song would be in this timeline. While it might be one of those moments that depends on your relationship to the material, it does prove her character quite able.

The Big Yawn

The weakest point of the show is Lazaro (Paul du Toit). He doesn’t manage to pull off the whole you’ll-love-to-hate-him. Instead, he comes across as a whiny brat who probably got his position from family connections more than any actual skill. The problem with that is when he is supposed to brutal; it is difficult to accept. The torture scene would have played better if he had a henchman carrying out the actual torture. Hopefully, a little back story on his beef with Elida might give the character more meaning.

No More Starship

For a second episode, “Yippee Ki Yay!” manages to pull the team together pretty effectively. Future episodes would benefit from a bit more menace from the ‘bad guy,’ but hopefully, that will get a bit more fleshed out as we go. With a new mission to find Elida’s mother, there is a lot of room for growth from all the characters. Just please, no more Starship? Thanks!

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